Post Formula (or Breastfeeding) nutrition

So your son/daughter just turned one year old. If you are one of the few able to take your child to a ND you probably haven’t been nagged to death by your pediatrician asking if you have started your child on cows milk yet. For most of us, you have. At every check up you hear.

“So how is your little one doing on milk?”

“Is he completely off of formula?”

“It’s very important to give your child the calcium and Vitamin D they need to grow”

Let me stop you right there… You are telling me that giving my child Ultra Pasteurized, Homogenized, CAFO, literally nutrient deficient cows milk is needed for my childs well being? Thats hard to believe. Clearly there is an ignorance of the true benefit the calcium in milk actually has. And as for Vitamin D? I live in AZ. 

It has been shown that without Vit K2, which the SAD diet is severely depleted in, but paleo/primal diets can have in spades plays a large role in how calcium is utilized in the body. Without Vit. K2 calcium gets deposited into the arteries, with it, the bones. It basically acts as a guide for the calcium.

So the time came that the formula and bottle had to go. What were we to give our son in between meals? He eats very well, all sorts of foods, many times he eats what we eat. Even so, we felt it necessary to supplement some of the calories/fat in a milk/milk subsitute. I am a big proponent of Raw milk, but due to our location, (Cen. Phx) finding a local, grass fed, healthy environment, pastured cows, is near impossible. I wouldn’t be so apt to drink Raw milk living where we do, let alone give it to my child. Driving hours away is not practical, especially when reasonable replacements are available. If we lived in say Oregon, where Raw Pastured dairy is easy to come by, it would be a different story.

So we had a few options. Clearly this milk would not be the main source of nutrition for our son, but would be an added benefit. We thought about all of our options; Almond, hemp, Soy( Never was an option), coconut as well. Many in the paleo community are quick to use Almond for all dishes/purposes. Almonds and all nuts are used way too frequently and should only be taken in moderation (if that). No way I was going to pump my kid full of Almond milk, and hemp, although better was never an option. This left Coconut milk. We do know about the controversy of Carageenan and Guar Gum, and did consider it in our choices. We have found that the best Coconut milk for our purposes was the Whole Foods Organic 100% Coconut Milk. The Whole Foods brand we use is 1.99 a can and we mix that can with around a quart of spring water and it lasts usually 7-10 days. Aidan usually gets around 2 9oz bottles a day, sometimes less, sometimes more.

-These bottles are a variation of Organic Valley GrassMilk -Cream on top-, Organic Lifeway Kefir (Or Goats milk Kefir) and 100% Organic Coconut milk. We add no sweeteners or additives to any of these and he does pretty well, although if it is just coconut milk, the taste isnt necessarily his favorite. 

When we were first looking into the options it was frustrating, unnerving, irritating. We feel that we have figured out what works best for our son. It may not work well for yours, but you do have option. I do not recommend giving a child Soy, Almond, or any other nut milk. We all know that nuts contain anti-nutrients and in the face of better options, why even bother? Given that, if they work for you, I nor anyone else really has a say. I only hope you do whats best for your child.


Another option for coconut milk that has many positive reviews and is available on is Aroy-D Coconut Milk


The paleomama was helpful in our research in finding what was best for our child. Thank you soo much!


Any questions feel free to comment below or email me. Just figuring out this blog, it will become easier to navigate and read as it goes. Thank You!


Great things to come

If you’re at all familiar with the world of Paleo blogging then I am sure that you have been caught up with the multitude of choices. Sure you are thinking, another paleo blog, been there done that. My goal is to limit those thoughts as much as possible. This will not be a blog full of paleo recipes. This will, I hope be a place for parents to see what other parents are going through in raising their children paleo/primal. I do not claim to know everything about the paleo lifestyle or nutrition. I am just a proud parent of a one year old who is doing all that I can to ensure he gets the best nutrition we can provide, and to wade through the deep waters of western medicine in the face of natural health.

Originally wanted Paleo/Primal Dad or PrimalParent but they were both taken of course. Ill be using this free blogging site until the time comes, both financially and necessary to upgrade to a premium/paid blog. Thank you for reading and look forward to sharing our experiences as primal(ish) parents.



Sardine Review: Crown Prince Brisling Sardines


Crown Prince Brisling Sardines….Straight from…. Scotland?? This can was literally packed with sardines, they were a bit on the smaller side, less long more wide. They had a pretty unique flavor when compared to Moroccan or Portuguese sardines. Not my favorite, They had much less of a sardine taste, and more of a general fishy taste. There is a definite difference between sardines from warmer waters and those cold, frigid waters. Not sure of the difference in Omega3s, or macro nutrients if any. The presentation of these sardines was not the greatest, kinda looked like they were all just crammed in there, as there was at least 16 sardines in this can. The Olive Oil they were packed in really didnt provide any good flavor and I would argue just made em worse. On a 1-5 scale I would rate them a 3. If I had them I would eat them but I wouldnt go out of my way to buy them, as I have tasted much better sardines. I would compare the prices of each can but since I really dont keep receipts It wont be often that I will post prices.


Next up Bella Sardines… Delicious

Presentation 2/5
Smell 2/5
Taste 3/5

New Year, New Life, New Blog

As the title suggests this is an attempt at a new blog , one that signifies a step(huge leap) away from the norm. The norm being a life filled with stomach afflictions. Years ago after having numerous tests (colonoscopy, Upper GI, Lower GI, Gallbladder test, Endoscopy, etc…) I was “diagnosed” with Symptoms of IBS, GERD, Gallbladder problems… Basically the premiere gastroentronologist in AZ had no fucking idea what my stomach issues actually were. Of course I was prescribed no less than 3 different medications which provided zero relief. I was told NOTHING of diet, nutrition or if I should do anything to do my daily routine to help alleviate my stomach symptoms. After trial/error and trying things based upon independent research, such as Green Smoothies, whole wheat/grain instead of encriched wheat flours, limiting meat products, and on and on… Fast forward like 4 years and here we area. Its been nearly a month on the paleo/primal eating and my health has dramatically improved and stomach symptons have alleviated no less than 95% seemingly overnight. Now my diet hasnt been 100% Primal, as some dairy products and legumes have still been a part of it but I am Grain free, no processed foods, starchs, or non fruit sourced sugars…. The difference has been nothing short of miraculous, and this blog is the attempt at providing what I have learned/in the process of learning regarding this transformation from unhealthy industrialized garbage food to the way our bodies have evolved to eat. This will be a combination of food reviews, recipes, insights, and everything in between.. Any questions or discussion is welcomed… Next post will come shortly and will be on Sardines…. Wonderful….Delicious Sardines… until then check out these sites for Paleo info

Au revoir