With the coming weeks I will be hopefully be transitioning to an independent server where I have the freedom go post more interactive features to my blog. The free WordPress hosting is soon limited that I can really only post text. I want this blog to be a hub of paleo parenting of sorts. I do not claim to know all be it about parenting or paleo nutrition. My only goal is the hope that by seeing how we are raising our son differently from societies norms you would be inclined to branch out as well. I will not make apologies if what I say offends people but feel free to post your opinions so that I may comment back.
Aidans slightly past 15 months old and has been doing fantastic. He is running around the house and getting into Everything.
       If you look at a few past posts you will see what we have been feeding him and how well he has been doing on a more “clean” diet. Well it seems that the toddler pickiness has started. Aidan used to eat an entire can of sardines in one sitting, or voraciously inhale broccoli with butter. Well he still does eat sardines and broccoli but it’s more of a game, at least for him. If he is in the slightest tired or grumpy he will eat what he wants to eat. He will absolutely refuse some meats and vegetables but will greedily inhale any fruits that we set on his tray. It’s gotten a bit more frustrating, but like all things in life, feeding your children has its ups and downs. Just stick with it and remember that sauces/butter can go a long way in enticing your little one to eat that last bite of broccoli.

Till next time


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