It finally happens…

As Aidans parents we have prided ourselves on the fact that our child has benefited immensely from the diet that we choose to feed him. He isn’t deprived of anything but we also use common sense and we do end up sharing some gelato or whatever grain free treat we end up eating occasionally with him.
   The dreaded day has finally come. Our near 15month old little cave baby is no longer antibiotic free. Yesterday morning Aidan had a fever of 102 degrees that kept with him throughout today and our hopes of it breaking shattered. If your child has a fever no matter how high for more than 24 hours it is recommended to bring them in to see your pediatrician right away. Throughout this fever he has shown no other symptoms, has been acting normally, eating great. Nothing but a fever. We have made sure to keep him hydrated with a coconut water-water mix and keep a close eye for any other symptoms.
   24 hours pass and we call to set up an appointment. She takes a look at him and says those are the best ears she’s seen all week, throats a little red, takes a swab, but he otherwise looks great. Dr. Does a strep test, comes back in 10 minutes and dun duh duh. Positive. Someway somehow he contacted Strep. We would prefer to treat him based on immune support and on his symptoms, but for one reason or another we begrudgingly took the Rx for that delicious Amoxicillin and filled it at Safeway. As likely as he would have gotten over this on his own, I hate to see him in even any amount of pain or even uncomfortable. So sue me. 15 months and this is his first actual sickness that requires Drs. Attention. I’m proud as ever. Now to go boost our immune systems because this is going to be the house of Strep for a bit.

Till next time


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