Almond Flour? Almond Milk?

Its been a few weeks since I last posted on here and I apologize for that. I recently had an acute experience of pain in my lower back. Turns out that I have a herniated disc and had to go to the ER. Spent two nights there. Been working on dealing with increasing strength and trying to get back to work as soon as possible, because…well bills gotta be paid. 

I am hoping on continuing the frequent posts on here and I appreciate you all that read it. I know we are in the beginning stages of this blog but I hope that my experiences help at least one person with questions.

So my son just turned 14 months and is walking around getting into everything. More of a handful than ever. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. This time is just the best. He insists on giving us kisses and loves acknowledgement. He also knows what “NO” means but acts like he doesn’t. He has been doing great, and in effect I don’t have much to write in regards to him at this point. I’ve meant to put our opinion on the abundance of baked goods in the Paleo/Primal community for awhile now.

What is with All of the Baked goods in the Paleo Movement? Am I the only one that finds it absolutely ludicrous? Yes the ingredients may be healthier to consume but these “goodies” are labor intensive, not real food, and nearly all taste terrible. The fascination with nut butters and flours, Almond in particular is mind boggling. Do they fit the paleo mold? Yes they do, they can provide many beneficial micro nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. Unless you’re eating Macadamia nuts religiously your fat intake is negligible with nuts. Almonds in particular. Sure they have some benefits but they do have drawbacks. I personally have many issues with Almond Flour baked goods as I get severe GI issues soon after consuming them.. Almonds like all nuts contain anti nutrient properties that block the absorption of many beneficial nutrients. People in this community often attack legumes for the same reason… Sure, it seems like anything we eat has some bad quality to it if we eat too much of it. But why even bother with Almonds? I’m sorry but Almond butter tastes absolutely atrocious, no point in scarfing that down instead of Peanut butter when they both have quite similar pros and cons to eating.  

There are even entire cookbooks that are desserts made primarily with Almond Flour.. Man that’s crazy. At least there are some in this community who don’t buy all the Almond Flour greatness….

If im going to eat Primal, Im going to eat primarily, meat, GF cheese and cultured dairy, greens, fruits and vegetables. If I have a sweet craving Ill get some dark chocolate or gelato. Almond Flour or otherwise gluten free desserts are not worth the amount of work put into them as they nearly all taste like absolute garbage. And yes our family eats Peanut butter. More than we should? Ya, but it does not give us any GI issues that Almonds and flour/butter does.

If you do fine on Almond and other nut butters, feel free to enjoy, but remember, only in moderation and preferably after being soaked. There are still anti nutrient properties that make them not an essential part of the paleo diet. 




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