Varicella vaccine

This will probably be a bit of a shorter post but is meant to hopefully stir up a discussion. Further on I’ll have a longer more in depth post about the wonderful subject of vaccines but for now I will focus on the Varicella vaccine.

   As I went over in the last post Aidan just had his one year checkup and I went great. Well mostly. Apparently he was also due for Prevnar, Hep A, and Varicella vx. It still racks my brain that if vaccines are as effective and useful as is shoved down our throats then why does my child need 6 doses of DTAP, 4 doses of Hep B (which we declined) and multiple doses of the other half dozen vaccines they want to shoot your kid up with. Anyways so he was also due for MMR, which holds the most controversy of any vaccines. Not wanting to give our son three New vaccines which included two modified live vaccines we chose to wait on the MMR and give it on its own at a later date.

The pediatrician explained that if our son got a reaction to the Varicella vx that it would be in 10-14 days if at all…wrong. besides the pain of the poke everything seemed to be going fine until about 36 hours post vx. The spot where the chickenpox vx was given had about a half dollar size red Mark with a firm center. It was also warm to the touch and Aidan was at least partially uncomfortable with the area. So we called the 24hr nurse on call phone number. We were basically told that he could have gotten an infection at the injection site and that he will be fine till the morning. Wow way to make parents even more uneasy. At this point we didn’t know which vaccine had caused this and it was about the size of a lemon. So per the nurse we made a mark around it to make sure it didn’t get larger overnight. At this point the nurse said that Aidans Dr. Would call us the next day.. that never happened. We ended up calling them back and thankfully the spot slowly started to diminish. For awhile we beat ourselves up over even getting the chickenpox vaccine. Not only does it not offer complete protection but it is pretty near useless, especially for babies. It is a relatively new vaccine and the dangers of chickenpox have been overhyped in the attempt to get your child this vaccine. If we could go back we wouldn’t have gotten it. Raising a child in such an environment means doing it based on fear. Everything in western medicine gets its strength from bringing out a fear of something. My wife and I aren’t anti vaccine people but the amount of research that goes into vaccines is greatly lacking. We should not rely on government institutions to tell us whether vaccines are safe or not. Not only do I recommend all parents to at the least do a different vaccine protocol than what is advised but to also do your own research and decide which vaccines are right for you and your child.

Thank you all for reading,



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