1yr check up and yes….vaccines

     Aidan recently went in for his 12 month check up. It’s always a dreaded experience. What is the pediatrician going to attack this time? How many times will she insist that Aidan needs grains and look down at us because that’s how she was taught and thus that’s is what is right. Sorry ma’am but no amount of arrogance will ever force me to feed my kid garbage, let alone food that his body can’t even digest.

     At previous appointments she has mentioned that Aidan needs Iron. Of course he does, we would be foolish to believe he doesn’t. Aidan eats better than we do. He gets high quality grass Fed meats (Applegate natural deli uncured meats to grass Fed ground beef) and cheeses, sardines organic kefir (goat and cow), green smoothies with dark green mixes, organic fruits and vegetables among other things. So when our pediatrician had the audacity to say that he isn’t getting proper nutrition because he’s not getting cereals I tend to get a bit miffed. You see I told her that he is getting plenty of Iron from his meats, dark greens, sardines… that wasn’t good enough for her. She said the source of the iron needs to be changed….umm what??? Ok. Before an argument got really heated the subject was quickly changed. Seriously how can we trust our pediatricians when they don’t even have a mild grasp on nutrition?? Aidans growth patterns have been phenomenal and not much credence was lent to her “argument”

     Fast forward back to the most recent appointment. Aidan is still not getting any grains and not much starches although he’s a big fan of potatoes and fries we must admit. So without any cereals that parents are nearly forced to give the children Aidan is in the 98th percentile for weight, 95th for height, and 85th for head size. He’s a pretty big boy. Not only that but they pricked his finger to do an iron test. And guess what? It came back WNL. Tickle me pink. You don’t say??? The Dr. Didn’t say a word about grains the entire visit…hrmmm. All without any grains what so ever.
     Many parents give their kids these grains to fill them up, or as snacks, like a roll to play with at dinner or those little Gerber garbage treats. Nope. None of that here. There are plenty of finger food treats you can give your child without sacrificing their health. And really giving them grains to make them feel full? When my child eats he is satisfied and tells us when he is done. No need for that lazy parenting.

Since this post has been kind of a ramble I’ll split it into two. I have a lot to say about vaccines but I’ll cover a small amount of that in the next post. So to be continued… next post Varicella Vx.

As always any questions, comments are appreciated.



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