Great things to come

If you’re at all familiar with the world of Paleo blogging then I am sure that you have been caught up with the multitude of choices. Sure you are thinking, another paleo blog, been there done that. My goal is to limit those thoughts as much as possible. This will not be a blog full of paleo recipes. This will, I hope be a place for parents to see what other parents are going through in raising their children paleo/primal. I do not claim to know everything about the paleo lifestyle or nutrition. I am just a proud parent of a one year old who is doing all that I can to ensure he gets the best nutrition we can provide, and to wade through the deep waters of western medicine in the face of natural health.

Originally wanted Paleo/Primal Dad or PrimalParent but they were both taken of course. Ill be using this free blogging site until the time comes, both financially and necessary to upgrade to a premium/paid blog. Thank you for reading and look forward to sharing our experiences as primal(ish) parents.




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