Sardine Review: Crown Prince Brisling Sardines


Crown Prince Brisling Sardines….Straight from…. Scotland?? This can was literally packed with sardines, they were a bit on the smaller side, less long more wide. They had a pretty unique flavor when compared to Moroccan or Portuguese sardines. Not my favorite, They had much less of a sardine taste, and more of a general fishy taste. There is a definite difference between sardines from warmer waters and those cold, frigid waters. Not sure of the difference in Omega3s, or macro nutrients if any. The presentation of these sardines was not the greatest, kinda looked like they were all just crammed in there, as there was at least 16 sardines in this can. The Olive Oil they were packed in really didnt provide any good flavor and I would argue just made em worse. On a 1-5 scale I would rate them a 3. If I had them I would eat them but I wouldnt go out of my way to buy them, as I have tasted much better sardines. I would compare the prices of each can but since I really dont keep receipts It wont be often that I will post prices.


Next up Bella Sardines… Delicious

Presentation 2/5
Smell 2/5
Taste 3/5


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