New Year, New Life, New Blog

As the title suggests this is an attempt at a new blog , one that signifies a step(huge leap) away from the norm. The norm being a life filled with stomach afflictions. Years ago after having numerous tests (colonoscopy, Upper GI, Lower GI, Gallbladder test, Endoscopy, etc…) I was “diagnosed” with Symptoms of IBS, GERD, Gallbladder problems… Basically the premiere gastroentronologist in AZ had no fucking idea what my stomach issues actually were. Of course I was prescribed no less than 3 different medications which provided zero relief. I was told NOTHING of diet, nutrition or if I should do anything to do my daily routine to help alleviate my stomach symptoms. After trial/error and trying things based upon independent research, such as Green Smoothies, whole wheat/grain instead of encriched wheat flours, limiting meat products, and on and on… Fast forward like 4 years and here we area. Its been nearly a month on the paleo/primal eating and my health has dramatically improved and stomach symptons have alleviated no less than 95% seemingly overnight. Now my diet hasnt been 100% Primal, as some dairy products and legumes have still been a part of it but I am Grain free, no processed foods, starchs, or non fruit sourced sugars…. The difference has been nothing short of miraculous, and this blog is the attempt at providing what I have learned/in the process of learning regarding this transformation from unhealthy industrialized garbage food to the way our bodies have evolved to eat. This will be a combination of food reviews, recipes, insights, and everything in between.. Any questions or discussion is welcomed… Next post will come shortly and will be on Sardines…. Wonderful….Delicious Sardines… until then check out these sites for Paleo info

Au revoir


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