With the coming weeks I will be hopefully be transitioning to an independent server where I have the freedom go post more interactive features to my blog. The free WordPress hosting is soon limited that I can really only post text. I want this blog to be a hub of paleo parenting of sorts. I do not claim to know all be it about parenting or paleo nutrition. My only goal is the hope that by seeing how we are raising our son differently from societies norms you would be inclined to branch out as well. I will not make apologies if what I say offends people but feel free to post your opinions so that I may comment back.
Aidans slightly past 15 months old and has been doing fantastic. He is running around the house and getting into Everything.
       If you look at a few past posts you will see what we have been feeding him and how well he has been doing on a more “clean” diet. Well it seems that the toddler pickiness has started. Aidan used to eat an entire can of sardines in one sitting, or voraciously inhale broccoli with butter. Well he still does eat sardines and broccoli but it’s more of a game, at least for him. If he is in the slightest tired or grumpy he will eat what he wants to eat. He will absolutely refuse some meats and vegetables but will greedily inhale any fruits that we set on his tray. It’s gotten a bit more frustrating, but like all things in life, feeding your children has its ups and downs. Just stick with it and remember that sauces/butter can go a long way in enticing your little one to eat that last bite of broccoli.

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It finally happens…

As Aidans parents we have prided ourselves on the fact that our child has benefited immensely from the diet that we choose to feed him. He isn’t deprived of anything but we also use common sense and we do end up sharing some gelato or whatever grain free treat we end up eating occasionally with him.
   The dreaded day has finally come. Our near 15month old little cave baby is no longer antibiotic free. Yesterday morning Aidan had a fever of 102 degrees that kept with him throughout today and our hopes of it breaking shattered. If your child has a fever no matter how high for more than 24 hours it is recommended to bring them in to see your pediatrician right away. Throughout this fever he has shown no other symptoms, has been acting normally, eating great. Nothing but a fever. We have made sure to keep him hydrated with a coconut water-water mix and keep a close eye for any other symptoms.
   24 hours pass and we call to set up an appointment. She takes a look at him and says those are the best ears she’s seen all week, throats a little red, takes a swab, but he otherwise looks great. Dr. Does a strep test, comes back in 10 minutes and dun duh duh. Positive. Someway somehow he contacted Strep. We would prefer to treat him based on immune support and on his symptoms, but for one reason or another we begrudgingly took the Rx for that delicious Amoxicillin and filled it at Safeway. As likely as he would have gotten over this on his own, I hate to see him in even any amount of pain or even uncomfortable. So sue me. 15 months and this is his first actual sickness that requires Drs. Attention. I’m proud as ever. Now to go boost our immune systems because this is going to be the house of Strep for a bit.

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Almond Flour? Almond Milk?

Its been a few weeks since I last posted on here and I apologize for that. I recently had an acute experience of pain in my lower back. Turns out that I have a herniated disc and had to go to the ER. Spent two nights there. Been working on dealing with increasing strength and trying to get back to work as soon as possible, because…well bills gotta be paid. 

I am hoping on continuing the frequent posts on here and I appreciate you all that read it. I know we are in the beginning stages of this blog but I hope that my experiences help at least one person with questions.

So my son just turned 14 months and is walking around getting into everything. More of a handful than ever. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. This time is just the best. He insists on giving us kisses and loves acknowledgement. He also knows what “NO” means but acts like he doesn’t. He has been doing great, and in effect I don’t have much to write in regards to him at this point. I’ve meant to put our opinion on the abundance of baked goods in the Paleo/Primal community for awhile now.

What is with All of the Baked goods in the Paleo Movement? Am I the only one that finds it absolutely ludicrous? Yes the ingredients may be healthier to consume but these “goodies” are labor intensive, not real food, and nearly all taste terrible. The fascination with nut butters and flours, Almond in particular is mind boggling. Do they fit the paleo mold? Yes they do, they can provide many beneficial micro nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. Unless you’re eating Macadamia nuts religiously your fat intake is negligible with nuts. Almonds in particular. Sure they have some benefits but they do have drawbacks. I personally have many issues with Almond Flour baked goods as I get severe GI issues soon after consuming them.. Almonds like all nuts contain anti nutrient properties that block the absorption of many beneficial nutrients. People in this community often attack legumes for the same reason… Sure, it seems like anything we eat has some bad quality to it if we eat too much of it. But why even bother with Almonds? I’m sorry but Almond butter tastes absolutely atrocious, no point in scarfing that down instead of Peanut butter when they both have quite similar pros and cons to eating.  

There are even entire cookbooks that are desserts made primarily with Almond Flour.. Man that’s crazy. At least there are some in this community who don’t buy all the Almond Flour greatness…. http://empoweredsustenance.com/avoid-almond-flour/

If im going to eat Primal, Im going to eat primarily, meat, GF cheese and cultured dairy, greens, fruits and vegetables. If I have a sweet craving Ill get some dark chocolate or gelato. Almond Flour or otherwise gluten free desserts are not worth the amount of work put into them as they nearly all taste like absolute garbage. And yes our family eats Peanut butter. More than we should? Ya, but it does not give us any GI issues that Almonds and flour/butter does.

If you do fine on Almond and other nut butters, feel free to enjoy, but remember, only in moderation and preferably after being soaked. There are still anti nutrient properties that make them not an essential part of the paleo diet. 



Varicella vaccine

This will probably be a bit of a shorter post but is meant to hopefully stir up a discussion. Further on I’ll have a longer more in depth post about the wonderful subject of vaccines but for now I will focus on the Varicella vaccine.

   As I went over in the last post Aidan just had his one year checkup and I went great. Well mostly. Apparently he was also due for Prevnar, Hep A, and Varicella vx. It still racks my brain that if vaccines are as effective and useful as is shoved down our throats then why does my child need 6 doses of DTAP, 4 doses of Hep B (which we declined) and multiple doses of the other half dozen vaccines they want to shoot your kid up with. Anyways so he was also due for MMR, which holds the most controversy of any vaccines. Not wanting to give our son three New vaccines which included two modified live vaccines we chose to wait on the MMR and give it on its own at a later date.

The pediatrician explained that if our son got a reaction to the Varicella vx that it would be in 10-14 days if at all…wrong. besides the pain of the poke everything seemed to be going fine until about 36 hours post vx. The spot where the chickenpox vx was given had about a half dollar size red Mark with a firm center. It was also warm to the touch and Aidan was at least partially uncomfortable with the area. So we called the 24hr nurse on call phone number. We were basically told that he could have gotten an infection at the injection site and that he will be fine till the morning. Wow way to make parents even more uneasy. At this point we didn’t know which vaccine had caused this and it was about the size of a lemon. So per the nurse we made a mark around it to make sure it didn’t get larger overnight. At this point the nurse said that Aidans Dr. Would call us the next day.. that never happened. We ended up calling them back and thankfully the spot slowly started to diminish. For awhile we beat ourselves up over even getting the chickenpox vaccine. Not only does it not offer complete protection but it is pretty near useless, especially for babies. It is a relatively new vaccine and the dangers of chickenpox have been overhyped in the attempt to get your child this vaccine. If we could go back we wouldn’t have gotten it. Raising a child in such an environment means doing it based on fear. Everything in western medicine gets its strength from bringing out a fear of something. My wife and I aren’t anti vaccine people but the amount of research that goes into vaccines is greatly lacking. We should not rely on government institutions to tell us whether vaccines are safe or not. Not only do I recommend all parents to at the least do a different vaccine protocol than what is advised but to also do your own research and decide which vaccines are right for you and your child.

Thank you all for reading,


1yr check up and yes….vaccines

     Aidan recently went in for his 12 month check up. It’s always a dreaded experience. What is the pediatrician going to attack this time? How many times will she insist that Aidan needs grains and look down at us because that’s how she was taught and thus that’s is what is right. Sorry ma’am but no amount of arrogance will ever force me to feed my kid garbage, let alone food that his body can’t even digest.

     At previous appointments she has mentioned that Aidan needs Iron. Of course he does, we would be foolish to believe he doesn’t. Aidan eats better than we do. He gets high quality grass Fed meats (Applegate natural deli uncured meats to grass Fed ground beef) and cheeses, sardines organic kefir (goat and cow), green smoothies with dark green mixes, organic fruits and vegetables among other things. So when our pediatrician had the audacity to say that he isn’t getting proper nutrition because he’s not getting cereals I tend to get a bit miffed. You see I told her that he is getting plenty of Iron from his meats, dark greens, sardines… that wasn’t good enough for her. She said the source of the iron needs to be changed….umm what??? Ok. Before an argument got really heated the subject was quickly changed. Seriously how can we trust our pediatricians when they don’t even have a mild grasp on nutrition?? Aidans growth patterns have been phenomenal and not much credence was lent to her “argument”

     Fast forward back to the most recent appointment. Aidan is still not getting any grains and not much starches although he’s a big fan of potatoes and fries we must admit. So without any cereals that parents are nearly forced to give the children Aidan is in the 98th percentile for weight, 95th for height, and 85th for head size. He’s a pretty big boy. Not only that but they pricked his finger to do an iron test. And guess what? It came back WNL. Tickle me pink. You don’t say??? The Dr. Didn’t say a word about grains the entire visit…hrmmm. All without any grains what so ever.
     Many parents give their kids these grains to fill them up, or as snacks, like a roll to play with at dinner or those little Gerber garbage treats. Nope. None of that here. There are plenty of finger food treats you can give your child without sacrificing their health. And really giving them grains to make them feel full? When my child eats he is satisfied and tells us when he is done. No need for that lazy parenting.

Since this post has been kind of a ramble I’ll split it into two. I have a lot to say about vaccines but I’ll cover a small amount of that in the next post. So to be continued… next post Varicella Vx.

As always any questions, comments are appreciated.